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The Hottest
Kids’ Christmas
Gift of 2018

This Empowering Children’s Book Collection Is Set to Outsell Harry Potter in Its First Year!


What if you could…

  • Inspire your daughter to achieve her wildest dreams…
  • Teach your son to be a leader and a changemaker...
  • Show your kids they’re never too young to make a massive impact...
  • And teach them their ABCs...

Author and illustrator Beck Feiner is on a mission to bring inspiration, empowerment, and real-life lessons to as many homes as possible with her brand new collection of kids’ ABC books, Alphabet Legends.

The collection seems to be taking the world by storm, with over 70,000 copies set to sell out over Christmas. In just their first year, that’s already 20,000 more than J.K. Rowling sold in her first 12 months!

So, what makes this children’s collection so popular?

Not Just Education… Inspiration!

Alphabet Legends teaches kids the ABCs through the stories of some of the world’s most exciting and inspirational people.

There are 6 books in the series, each with a unique focus like Fashion Legends Alphabet for shopping fans or Lady Legends Alphabet for future female leaders.

Instead of learning “A” is for apple for the fifteenth time, now your child can learn about how Amelia Earhart became the first woman to make a solo round-trip flight across the U.S. and advanced women’s rights by consistently breaking the boundaries set upon her.

The sports fans in your family will get inspiration from their favorite basketball players like Michael Jordan and Lebron James inside Basketball Legends Alphabet.

And we can’t forget powerful figures like Harriet Tubman and her underground railroad or the courageous firefighters, paramedics, and first responders at Ground Zero on September 11, who can be found inside American Legends Alphabet.

Teaching Kids They’re Never Too Young to Make an Impact

But your kids won’t just learn about and be inspired by adults and historical figures. Little Legends Alphabet features stories of real kids who are changing the world one brave step at a time.

Take Mikaila Ulmer, for instance. She’s more than just the letter “U.”

After learning about the important role honey bees plan in our ecosystem, this little girl started Me & the Bees Lemonade, a company that supports beekeepers by using honey as a sweetener.

Now she’s inspiring kids and adults alike while helping save the bees - all before her 13th birthday!

In a world where discrimination, hate, violence, sexism, racism, and negativity still top news headlines, the Alphabet Legends ABC books give a fresh take on an old classic and offer renewed hope for future generations.

Empowering Girls in a Male-Centered World

When Feiner realized the shocking lack of diversity in kids’ books and TV shows, she set out to create something different.

“Ladies can and do make history, contribute to science and technology, break records, and save lives. Females can and do fight battles, shatter glass ceilings, start revolutions, and make a powerful difference,” Feiner told Almost Real in a recent interview.

That’s what makes Lady Legends and Fashion Legends two of our personal favourites...

These girl-powered ABC books prove that being crazy successful and awesome isn’t just for men.

And instead feature a female powerhouses for every letter of the alphabet so your little lady can have pages full of positive role models like her to look up to!

Start Meaningful Conversations with Your Kids

The goal of the Alphabet Legends series goes way beyond teaching kids their ABCs. It’s about sparking conversations about important topics like race, gender, and cultural differences.

Each figure conveys a life lesson that inspires kids (and their parents) while showing the importance of diversity without getting too preachy.

In fact, to your kids, they’re just fun stories about really cool people.

But the lessons they teach have far-reaching impact.

“I feel like each of these icons starts an interesting conversation. I wanted to show everyone (especially kids) that a diverse range of people have made Australia and the world awesome,” Feiner said.

Every beautifully designed, eye-grabbing page features a pop of brightly illustrated letters and the reallife story behind the person in the letter.

While the books tackle big ideologies, praise female achievement, promote diversity, and push societal norms and boundaries, at the end of the day they’re fun to look at and read.

The Alphabet Legends books are the best kids’ Christmas gift of 2018 because they’ll not only educate your kids on their ABCs, they’ll provide inspiration for years to come.

Alphabet Legends are a beacon for kids everywhere to smash glass ceilings and believe in their dreams, regardless of their background, skin color, gender, or age, making them a must-have this holiday season!

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